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This is a game of Primetime Adventures starting in October 2015.

Series summary[edit]


A group of friends, now in their seventies, looks back on their shared criminal past. The series narrates in three different time periods: when the protagonists are in their seventies, which takes place forty years in the future (2055-ish), when they are in their thirties, which takes place in the modern day (2015), and when the characters are all in high school together, which takes place 15-20 years ago (1995-2000)

Setting conventions[edit]

The main story takes place in Toronto. The world is largely as it really is (i.e, no fantastical elements) but there is the possibility for gadgets that are a bit beyond what really exists.


Goofball humour. Light-hearted and silly. The show has a rating of TV-14, though, as there may be some sexual or violent content.

Supporting characters[edit]

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Protagonists' common bond[edit]

The common bond is threefold, corresponding to the three time periods. In the past the bond is that the protagonists all went to high school together. In the present the protagonists are all coerced into robbing a bank together. In the future the protagonists are all on a curling team together (see also Grandmasters Curling Association of Ontario).

The protagonists[edit]

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The episodes[edit]

Pilot: Throw Me a Stone[edit]

Air date: October 28, 2015

Season 1, Episode 2: Heart of Stone[edit]

Air date: November 11, 2015

  • As Cassie gets the news of her promotion to senior branch manager, Janet Parsons bursts into her office, asking about corruption in the bank.
  • At a nice restaurant Cassie convinces Leeroy to hack into the CBC's network and find out who Parsons' source is — it turns out to be "M. L.", which Cassie assumes stands for Michel Lemont.
  • Sam takes Lance to see Fabian the Fence to buy a gun. Lance freaks out and sours the professional relationship between the two criminals.
  • Cassie confronts Michel at Michel's apartment about the blackmail and the CBC exposé, but he denies everything.
  • The whole team meets in a Wimpy's at midnight to talk with The Benefactor. The Benefactor is angry about Cassie's involvement with the media. Leeroy manages to find out that the papers The Benefactor is after are plans for some sort of prototype. The team plans to discredit Janet Parsons and get the exposé off the air.
  • While Sam goes to meet Parsons and sell her some drugs, Leeroy hacks into the CBC again and corrupts the video of the exposé. Then he calls Crime Stoppers and leaves an anonymous tip about Parsons having a bunch of drugs in her apartment.
  • Lance and Michel meet at a bar where Lance admits to bring unsure of whether he ought to be part of the heist. Michel loses some of his faith in Lance.
  • Back at Leeroy's basement Leeroy goes through the raw footage of the exposé and finds out that the main source was not Michel, but was Mark Lesterman, Cassie's ex. Lesterman shows up and confronts Cassie about her behaviour.

Season 1, Episode 3: Lance-a-Lot[edit]

Air date: November 25, 2015

  • Lance starts his first day at the CBC, and we see a flashback to him getting hazed on his first day of high school. It turns out Lance's new boss is Bruce Smith, the guy who shaved his head back then.
  • Lance convinces Michel that the heist should go off without using any guns.
  • Cassie convinces the security guard, Joey Rodriguez, to look the other way when the cameras cut out in exchange for a significant chunk of Cassie's cut of the loot.
  • Sam tries to convince Cassie and Leeroy to let her teach them how to use guns. Instead they become convinced that guns are a terrible idea.
  • Lance gets Leeroy drunk and convinces him that even Sam shouldn't have any guns. Leeroy tells Lance that he's dying.
  • Lance hits on Cassie and gets shot down.
  • Leeroy tells Cassie that he has feelings for her and that he's dying.
  • The Benefactor agrees that nobody should be using guns, even Sam.

Season 1, Episode 4: Curled Up[edit]

Air date: December 2, 2015

Season 1, Episode 5: Drop the Hammer[edit]

Air date: December 9, 2015


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