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Ebon Eaves is a Tremulus campaign that started in November 2012.

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The Cast[edit]

Main Cast[edit]

Supporting Cast[edit]

The Town[edit]

Main article: Ebon Eaves (town)

Ebon Eaves is a town down on its luck.

The Story So Far[edit]

November 24, 192X[edit]

Richard Lacey arrives in Ebon Eaves along with the man he was hired to track down, Samuel Hale. Hale is the first in line (of only two surviving family members) to inherit Hale House. The mansion perches high above town on the rock formation after which Ebon Eaves is named.

Neither man having ever been to the town in the past, they stop at Thelma's Diner for brunch and to ask directions to the office of Nathaniel Jackson. There they make the acquaintance of Ephraim Smooth, who offers to walk them to the attorney's office/home. Ephraim and Richard chat over coffee as Samuel goes over the mountain of paperwork he needs to sign before coming into his inheritance.

Continuing to offer his services as a guide to the town, Ephraim accompanies the two newcomers up the steep, ill-kept road to Hale House.

While Ephraim and Richard go into Hale House, Lacey decides to poke around the grounds. He discovers a hidden path running at a steep angle down the cliff face below the mansion. Carefully descending, he discovers a niche in the cliff face. Inside, out of view of anyone above or below, he finds a large metal gate fastened to the rock but an elaborate padlock prevents further investigation.

Inside the house, Samuel notices an ancient photograph hanging on the wall. It depicts a US cavalry regiment, which Ephraim recognizes as the unit from the local legends - the one that vanished a century ago while escorting the gold shipment. Samuel is surprised to see that one of the officers, presumably an ancestor of his, looks exactly like him.

Continuing to explore his new home, Samuel decides to investigate the basement. Unfortunately, he loses his bearings in the dark and tumbles down the steps, knocking his head as he falls...

Lacey goes looking for something to bust open the lock in the basement and discovers Samuel. Ephraim joins them and they search the basement finding a hidden stone 5x5 stone chamber. A brass button from a military uniform is found in the chamber.

Investigating the cave, they find it widens into a large brick lined room with a domed ceiling. The room contains 6 powder kegs. A stout wooden door leads to a flight of stairs which leads to a solid door opening into the basement of Hale House.

The attic is jammed full of stuff. It's too dark to investigate without a light source.

The party retires to Thelma's diner for lunch. Ephraim tries to convince Lacey to come to his church. In response some loud words were spoken by Lacey. He was however convinced to eat a pie. A car in front of the diner was rear ended. Ephraim prevents a ruckus from getting out of hand.

A hideous scream is heard from the alleyway behind the diner. It appears that something has torn a dog to ribbons. Something is seen scurrying into the shadows...

Lacey investigates the dog to find that it has not been bitten or clawed. It looks like it's been torn apart using some kind of rope. No evidence of a rope is found. A pinkish sticky slime is found on the ground. Lacey picks some of it up, and tastes it. It is incredibly salty. Perry the cook wants to remove the dog. The group decides to leave it for the Sheriff to see. They return to the diner and speak with the Sheriff. When they go to show him the remains, the dog is gone. More slime can be seen leading east out of town towards the woods. Lacey heads to the woods, but there is no place that a person could easily pass through.

Lacey and Hale go back to Hale house for the night. Smooth returns to the flophouse. That night Lacey wakes up from a terrible nightmare in a cold sweat. Something is wrong with his tongue.

Nov. 25[edit]

The group meets at Thelma's for breakfast. Lacey has no sense of taste and his fingers are numb. They visit the town doctor Owen Phillips. He cannot explain the symptoms or identify the sample of goop. He keeps the sample for testing. After, they visit the Historical Society. At the Society they learned that the Hale house was built by Benjamin Hale, a merchant marine. It was used as a barracks for soldiers during the war. His regiment went missing in a local valley while guarding a convoy of gold... though no gold was never seen. The gold was supposedly stored at the mansion. Hale left behind a wife and kids.

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