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I created 11 pregens for this game, which I think is as much of a testament to the ease of creating FAE characters and to the evocative setting material as to my obsessive personality.

Each character originally got just a high concept aspect, a trouble aspect, a stunt and a floor number for them to live on. I used a name generator to populate Wesley House, such that each player had a masculine name and a feminine name to choose from. I actually populated the entire building with names (I may decide to write in all of these at some point, for the hell of it) and even sketched out floor plans for some of the floors (including some non-Euclidean ones), but these will have to wait for another day.

First Floor[edit]

First Floor
Apt. Tenant Apt. Tenant
1A Maxine Hopkins 1B Susie Baldwin
1C Bethany Simmons, Petty Suburban Housewife 1D Leticia Holland
1E Johnnie Collins 1F Marianne Briggs
1G Andrew Lynch 1H Penny Carter
1I Alyssa Smith 1J Sabrina Boone
Second Floor
2A Corey Ortíz, Alcoholic Divorcé with little left to lose 2B Angelina Sanders
2C Brittany Armstrong 2D Jamee Lebron
2E Beatrice Figueron 2F Jeffrey Sanchez, Terminally Ill Bus Driver with a devil may care attitude
2G Lorenzo Jenkins 2H Tom Craig
2I Nicole Adams 2J Kari Freeman
Third Floor
3A Raymond Price 3B Jackie Hanson
3C Cary Gutierrez, Ex-pawn shop owner with a rap sheet a mile long 3D Arlene Wade
3E Jeannette Lambert 3F Geoffrey Harrison
3G Natasha Vaughn 3H Brett Hamilton
3I Fredericka Mansfield 3J Kathryn Conner
Fourth Floor
4A Jesse Pierce 4B Susie Martin
4C Laurette Neuman 4D Jesse Perry
4E Matthew Stokes 4F Karen Clark, Injured Military Grunt
4G Opal Webster 4H Nathaniel Riley
4I Pearl Horton 4J Sonia Jacobs
Fifth Floor
5A Lori Tate 5B Dana Mathis
5C Corey Pena 5D Alysha Pierre, Haunted Ex-Detective who sees her secrets in every shadow
5E Chad French, Third-Grade Teacher with a poor regard for authority 5F Orlando Schmidt
5G Timmy Oliver 5H Juan Bell
5I Stuart Torres 5J Luke Waters
Sixth Floor
6A Damon Mendoza 6B Elizabeth Rollins
6C Christy Owens 6D Edward Tully, Manipulating Lady-Killer
6E George O'Brien 6F Theodore Cobb
6G Javier Singleton 6H Carroll Huff
6I Eva Norris 6J Paul Long, Shell-Shocked Firefighter who is afraid of fire
Seventh Floor
7A Corey Couch 7B Donald Wilson
7C Adrienne Graham 7D Fred Davidson
7E Andrew Hadderack, Catatonic Complex Tenant 7F Flora Young
7G Melinda Connors, Fearful Ex-Explorer who is always afraid of falling 7H Jonathan Harper
7I Lavonda Gaddy 7J Alma Cove

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