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Hamilton Coat of Arms

This is a Dresden Files game set in Hamilton, Ontario. The game begins Spring 2011.

The Cast

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Themes and Threats


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See also the map of alternate Hamilton.

Gage Park Large downtown park, home to several supernatural creatures.What lurks in the thickets?
Untended graveyard Cemetery with a ghostly caretakerTBA
Dundurn Castle Resting place of an ancient vampireSlumbering evil
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 Face ofHigh conceptMotivationRelationships
Cathy Ang devoted curatorArt Gallery of Hamilton (curator of)
Soyun Ang (descendant of)
Maia Guarao (employer of)
Dr Cherian CTU director, ER @ Mac Hospital.Allan Tarik (has student)
McMaster Hospital (employee of)
Bishop Crosby Bishop of the Diocese of Hamilton
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 High conceptRelationships
Constable Joe Perry Clued-in outcast copRocco Perri (is related to)
Sergeant Terra Providence (is subordinate of)
Concession Street community policing centre (works at)
Hamilton Police Service (is employee of)
Sergeant Terra Providence Clued-in outcast copConcession Street community policing centre (face of)
Hamilton Police Service (member of)
Marcel Bellefeuille Head coach of the Hamilton Tigercats
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 High conceptBlurbRelationships
Winter Court Fae courtUnseelie Accords (signatory of)
Summer Court Fae court; affinity with growth, warmth and light.Winter Court (is rivals with)
Autumn Court (is rivals with)
Unseelie Accords (signatory of)
The Hamilton Screamer Tabloid newspaperThe Sisters of the Golden Harness (published exposé on)
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Latest story arc

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Book: [[Book 12: The Seventh Fire|]]


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The story so far

Campaign Timeline
Steel Town

Prelude: [[Princess Undine|]]


Book: [[Book 1: Summer in the Park|]]


Chapter: [[Book 4, Chapter 2: High Society|]]


Book: [[Book 5: Evil Acts|]]


Chapter: [[Book 9, Chapter 6: War Council|]]


Chapter: [[Book 8, Chapter 7: Smash and Grab|]]


Book: [[Book 10: Ghost Town|]]


Book: [[Book 11: Play Time|]]


Book: [[Book 12: The Seventh Fire|]]


System details

Power level

The game was started at "Up to your waist" level (7 refresh, 25 skill points), with one significant milestone at the end of each "book" (with an extra significant milestone at the end of Book 8, Chapter 7: Smash and Grab). The ends of Book 4: Being Green, Book 8: Round Robin and Book 11: Play Time marked major milestones, so the game is now at "Submerged".

At the beginning of Book 12: The Seventh Fire all characters have:

Base refresh: 10
Skill points: 37

House rules

  • Writing a session summary or another wiki page earns the writer's character an extra FP at the beginning of the next session.
  • If a character ends a session with an FP total greater than their refresh, they begin the next session with the same number of FP. However, FP pools are reset at the end of every "book" (significant milestone).
  • We have experimented with rolling d6-d6 instead of 4df, but so far it looks like we will stick with 4df.