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Note: this history is incomplete.

Big picture: Society adapts to the discovery of psionics

The discovery of working psionics
First papers demonstrating the theoretical feasibility of psionics are published
Nadine Holmes, a 12th grade student from an impoverished New York neighbourhood, develops psionic technology for a school science fair
The social (but not legal) persecution of psionics (all men are equal under the law, but people are dicks)
Maggie Kirsch decides to become a psionics rights activist
A wave of telekinetic stripping grips Philadelphia
The psychokinetic destruction of Washington, DC
Q: Does Maggie Kirsch warn Congress to get out of DC before it's destroyed?
A: Yes, because she is pissed off with Steve Jackson

Maggie Kirsch meets with a member of the Psionic Resistance, who warns her to get out of town.


Q: Does Kirsch's warning go public?
A: No, because Staci Kessler and Charles Barnes think they can subdue Steve Jackson.

Maggie Kirsch is meeting some congresscritters in a cabinet member's office.


Q: Did Charles Barnes flee Washington, DC?
A: No, because many senators were part of the Psionic Resistance

Barnes warns his friends in Congress of Jackson's plans. Several of them use psionic hypnosis to convince him to be quiet.

Psi-Americans are stripped of citizenship rights in the US. Some other countries follow suit.
Members of US Congress stripped of pants every time they're on camera
Maggie Kirsch dies of mind-control-induced brain damage
Q: What is Maggie Kirsch's legacy?
A: Increased awareness of Psi-Americans and their plight
Frances Harriet gives a press conference about Kirsch's death
Creation of Mensaperi, a.k.a, Psionistan, the first sovereign psionic state
Nadine Holmes' tenure as Primate of Mensaperi
Establishment of sovereign pirate nation of Free Psiland
The first Psi-War