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This is a Diaspora game that started January 2011.

The cluster

Terra Φ
Terra Phi cluster.jpg
the Terra Φ cluster
Mean cluster attributes
"I don't look weird, you look weird."
Sephii controls the slipknots

With only five systems, the Terra Φ cluster is a relatively small cluster, as far as we know. The only system with inter-system travel capabilities is Sephii, which may well have reason to keep other systems secret.

Star systems


Players are encouraged to use the character sheet template to create their pages. The template page includes instructions and an example of implementation.

Player characters

The crew of the Tabula Rasa is:

Major NPCs

  • Dante, Beleaguered pilot and smuggler


Latest session

There is now a handy form for entering session summaries!

The story so far

Campaign Timeline
Terra Φ

Book: [[Book 1: Leaving Zash'ar|]]


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Game details

This game is being played as Diaspora, with some modifications borrowed from Dresden Files and other places.

House rules

  • Characters are built with 5 phases as usual, but get one aspect per phase. In addition each character has a High Concept aspect and a Trouble aspect for a total of seven aspects per character.
  • Characters have 7 refresh, minus one per stunt. Refresh may not be reduced below one, so there is a theoretical maximum of six stunts.
  • Skill list is expanded from the Diaspora defaults to include Deceit, Empathy and Investigation.
  • Custom stunts added to reflect the uniqueness of the different systems and worlds in the cluster.
  • Variant slipknots: systems have an entry slipknot and an exit slipknot instead of two bidirectional slipknots.