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The Clay That Woke - Hamilton, 2015-2016[edit]

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The Minotaurs...[edit]

  • A dung bat catcher: a philosopher - played by Mark
  • An insect feeder (occasionally with his own flesh and blood): an advocate - played by Mikael
  • A rickshaw driver: a soldier - played by Derek
  • A guard in the tower of the Suratman Empyreus: a leader - played by Rob???

Places in the Dégringolade[edit]

  • The Tower of the Saratman Empyreus - 10 stories tall, nestled up under the eaves of a Watcher, surrounded by a flagstone flat plaza
  • The Insectarium of the Twins - a thriving high end business selling insects of all varieties utilitarian, recreational, and decorative
  • A private river with a toll collection stop

Places in the Jungle[edit]

  • A small clearing with a rock overhanging, useful for shelter, a mating place of the treetop jellyfish.


  • Angkasa - part owner of the Insectarium with her conjoined twin Atmadja. The angry one.
  • Atmadja - part owner of the Insectarium with her conjoined twin Angkasa. The sad one.
  • The Suratman Empyreus - local potentated. Deceased; gored by the Dung Bat Catcher and defenestrated.
  • Belibni - former vizier of the Suratman Empyreus. A Dung Bat eater. Deceased (perhaps for the 2nd time?); apparently murdered by the Suratman Empyreus in a fit of rage over her addiction to dung bats.
  • Birmunestra - a person with greenish, leathery skin and three eyes, a scholar of insects that works in the Insectarium of the Twins
  • Minku Garima - the chief of the Suratman Emyreus's guard, and clearly not very good at his job
  • The Suratman Empyreus's wife - as yet unseen, but talked about with some trepidation

Animals and Things[edit]

  • Melodious Cicadas - they sing infrequently and predictably, but are highly sought after, expensive luxuries for the wealthy
  • Dung Bats - they make nests of human excrement high up under the eaves of buildings in the Dégringolade, they are captured by means of long hooks to pull them out of their nests. Some believe that if you eat a Dung Bat, you will experience the memories, dreams, and emotions of those whose excrement the dung bat lived in. This is a kind of addiction, considered disgusting by most.
  • Treetop Jellyfish - Diaphanous and extremely flammable, they float on puffs of gas. Their tendrils cause extreme cold and pain. Their mating dance in moonlight is rarely seen and considered a marvel.
  • Radiant Moths - Birmunestra claims these beautiful creatures are renowned and will fetch a high price. Others thing they look like big, drab moths. Who is correct?
  • the Emerald Elixir - desired by Angkasa to help Atmadja's mood, found by the rickshaw driver in Belibni's roasted dung bat humidor. What does it do?
  • Hallucinogenic grasses - when first chewed they cause mild euphoria, but as the cud is chewed, swallowed and regurgitated the effect becomes more pronounced.

Session 1 - impressions[edit]

  • The dung bat catcher accidentally dropped a nest onto the rickshaw of the Twins, compounding a deep depression in Atmadja
  • The insect feeder is skeptical of the radiance of the radiant moths, despite Birmunestra's insistence
  • The Still Voice came from the Jungle to both the Suratman Empyreus and the dung bat catcher. As a consequence, the Suratman Empyreus was gored and defenestrated, and the dung bat catcher and the guard ran for the jungle, both injured.
  • The rickshaw driver is a diligent employee, even to the point of some surreptitious breaking and entering of the the dead vizier's office
  • You do not attract the Still Voice with words, the insect feeder discovered, but the Bright Voice may make itself known instead
  • The dung bat catcher is a curious fellow, with many hard to answer questions
  • The guard is a blank slate, almost as if his player was not present yet, but I'm sure he will be interesting
  • Closing vignette - three fisherman minotaurs, fishing for amities, discussed the recent death of the vizier (for the 2nd time?) and the empyreus, and how that would affect the neighborhood while chewing hallucinogenic cud. The Empyreus's wife was discussed, and her reaction to recent events was viewed with trepidation.

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