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The Dreadnots

Crew Sheet

A smuggling crew (Tier 0) with a daring reputation. They have their own barge, "The Dreadnought", distinct and sturdy, far more nimble than its length and size would seem to allow, but only Mugs seems to be able to pilot the thing properly. The Dreadnought serves as their lair. They favor arcane and/or weird cargos. One coin in the chest at the moment.

Faction Status and Notes

  • The Hive: +0. They are the main power in the arcane/weird smuggling trade, but the Dreadnots have paid them off.
  • Lord Scurlock: -1. Somewhere along the way, the Dreadnots have caught the disapproving attention of this mysterious nobleperson.
  • The Lampblacks: -1. The Dreadnots have gotten up in the Lampblacks face in the past. It doesn't help that Baszo Baz and Thena Savory have a personal grudge.
  • The Gondoliers: +1. If you are smuggling on the canals of Duskwall, it pays to be on the good side of the Gondoliers.
  • Silkshore: +1. The Dreadnots have made a good name for themselves among the hoi palloi of Silkshore.

Player Characters

  • Doctor Wester Helles, aka "The Owl" [Leech] - Tycheros Foreign Noble Family of Collectors, down on their luck. VICE = Sophisticated pleasures, especially Veleris Ankhayat's "Well of Fire" playhouse in Silkshore.
  • Thena Savoy, aka "Silver" [Slide] - Dagger Isles heritage 2nd generation Duskvol native, grew up on ships, from a merchant family that runs a specialty foods business. VICE = gambling, especially Spogg's Dice Game.
  • Kristev Grine, aka "Gunner" [Hound] - Duskwall native, recently returned from Imperial Army service as a scout. VICE = also a gambler, favoring Spogg's game.
  • Mulligan Templeton, aka "Mugs" [Cutter] - Skovlander factory worker and longshoreman from Lockport, now a refugee. VICE = Drinking into a stupor at the Shine in Catcrawl Alley by the Docks.

Other Characters

  • Veldren, a psychonaut. Doctor Helles' rival.
  • Malista, a priestess of the Closed Eye. Doctor Helles' close friend.
  • Baszo Baz, gang leader of the Lampblacks. Savoy's rival.
  • Klyra, owner of the "32 Feathers" tavern. Savoy's close friend.
  • Celene, a sentinel. Grine's rival.
  • Veleris Ankhayat. Grine's close friend. A spy and playhouse impressario.
  • Marlane, a pugilist. Templeton's close friend.
  • Grace, an extortionist. Templeton's rival.
  • Esme, owner of the Luxuriating Tongue, a high-class restaurant/tavern. A contact of the Dreadnots, and past customer.

Key Locations

  • The Well of Fire - a playhouse in Silkshore owned by Valeris Ankhayat, favorite of the Owl.
  • Spogg's Dice Game - an endless sequence of players and rubes taking each other's money on a above an alley in the SW corner of Crow's Foot.
  • Catcrawl Alley - a winding alley in the north central Docks. Home to the Shine, the Bird, and the Jewel, three drinking holes with a brutal and longstanding rivalry.
  • The 32 Feathers - a tavern owned by Klyra, definitely a Dagger Isles immigrant sort of place. The sign has an ever changing set of 32 feathers poking out of what looks like wooden duck.
  • The Luxuriant Tongue - a high-class tavern/restaurant owned by Esme, occupying most of a city block in Nightmarket.

The Recent Past

On their last job, the Dreadnots were responsible for picking up some illicit and potent coffee beans from the Dagger Isles. When they met their contact, the contact ALSO wanted them to deliver what appeared to be a fresh Leviathan eyeball. Gunner was pretty sure that eyeball was one he had looked into before on a previous voyage. The Dreadnots refused to take such a cargo for the last-minute price and the sketchy details that were offered. They snuck the coffee into the city, which was tricky because the damn beans were so potent you could smell them a neighborhood away. When they delivered the cargo to the Luxuriant Tongue, the owner Esme asked "there wasn't...something else you were delivering, was there?" Silver said "No, why do you ask?" Esme said "oh...nothing" with a look of relief mixed with dread.