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  • Savoy Restaurant Maitre D': careful & clever
  • Monkey Masks: quick & flashy Because I am trained in Gun-Fu I get a +2 when I flashily attack when I am armed with two handguns.
  • Blue Werewolves: quick & forceful. Because I move blindingly fast I get a +2 when I forcefully attack when I have room to maneuver. Because I heal mystically once per game session I can erase a mild consequence that was not inflicted by silver.
  • Chronos: clever & forceful


Introductory cut scene[edit]

Act I[edit]

Scene 1: Pronge's Lab[edit]

Scene 2: Exposition[edit]

Act II[edit]

Scene 3: Jenkins at the Savoy[edit]

Scene 4: Chase![edit]

Act III[edit]

Scene 5: Showdown[edit]

Scene 6: Rough Landing[edit]