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This is a Fate Core campaign started in January 2016.



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  • The Dama are a tall, bipedal gazelle-like race.
  • The Elvenkind are small, petite and delicate-looking.
  • Human-sized Dragons walk among the other peoples of the land.



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Story so far[edit]


  • Legacy Issue: Idiocy is contagious, and a plague of Idiocy has been ravaging the land.
  • Current Issue: A search for a successor is on because there is no known successor to the dying Queen Selenium.
  • Impending Issue: Spies abound in Machina; even Hugo the Charitable is rumoured to be an agent of Gearwhistle.


Jan. 11, 2016: creation session. This setting was created using a session of Spark for Fate Core. See the Bits and Baubles creation session notes.

Jan. 18, 2016: Welcome to Riverton.

Jan. 25, 2016: Factions.

  • The group meets up with Kettel, who nearly gets into a fight haggling over scrap metal.
  • The Governor summons the party to the Temple of Hadrin. With Helen Thirdcoin as backup, she bullies them into agreeing to bring her the treasure from the tower instead of bringing it to Samar the Caravan Master.
  • The party convinces The Governor that what Samar is after is a book of spells; they agree to bring The Governor the book in exchange for 3600 crowns -- quite a sum!
  • The party is invited by Little Hâr to see Hugo the Charitable. Hugo also offers them money to bring him whatever Samar had wanted, to the tune of 10% of the fenced price.

Feb. 1, 2016: Casing the tower.

  • With a cleverly-built periscope, the team scopes out the Tower of the Serpents. They discover that the guardian of the tower is a giant mechanical gorilla.
  • The group plans out how to get out, deliver the various packages to the various parties and skip town.
  • Madeleine D'Leau blows all her money on useless potions, steals some money and buys even more useless potions.
  • We all made shrinky dinks of the various characters (pics to come).

Feb. 8, 2016: Climbing the tower.

  • The team subdues the mechanical sentry by electrocuting it in a giant puddle of water.
  • An overwhelming feeling of dread grows stronger as they ascended the tower's many levels.
  • Blaze Kindling is angered and horrified to find the skull of a dragon, carved with intricate runes and symbols. Blaze takes the skull into his care and is seeking revenge.
  • Madeleine D'Leau finds a jar and releases a serpent made of light. She chases it up to the top floor, where they find the Idol of Hellaq encased in crystal.

Feb. 22, 2016: The Idol of Hellaq.

Feb. 29, 2016: Leaving Riverton.

  • The sorceror accuses the party of stealing from him and summons earth gollums to attack.
  • Champagne Truffle lies to the sorceror, convincing him that his tower is being looted, and he departs, leaving behind the earth gollums.
  • The party defeats the gollums through a combination of fire and smashing.
  • The group then proceeds to Samar the Caravan Master's caravan, only to be accosted by both Bloody Nicka and the sorceror.
  • Outnumbered and overwhelmed, Champagne Truffle throws the Idol of Hellaq at the sorceror, leaving the team an opportunity to flee
  • Pursued by the sorceror, Bloody Nicka, and her goonies, the team escapes Riverton safely via Kettel's cart

Mar. 7, 2016: The Road North.

  • Champagne Truffle asks around for information about Madeleine D'Leau as they follow the road north out of Riverton. She plies Kettel and Blaze Kindling with crowns for their help.
  • An innkeeper says that a few ruffians were asking about a woman and large otter. They also headed north after buying some supplies and bothering local merchants.
  • The party finds a campsite that was quite obviously occupied by mages. Tracks lead them east towards a forest path.
  • Setting off along the forest path, a hunter demands a toll for "maintenance and upkeep" of the trail. Blaze tricks him into reaching for a bag of crowns and burns his face terribly.
  • A long fight with a gang of bandits ensues. The hunter is slain and the bandits take off into the woods, taking 15% of Champagne's coins with them.

Mar. 14, 2016: A Forest Temple.

  • The party finds Madeleine D'Leau at a temple in the forest, among a bunch of hippie mages.
  • They all head north to Los Asemblos and split up for a while, then reassemble on the road north.
  • Heading off into the hills, the party camps and is disturbed by giant burrowing beetles in the night.
  • Toward morning huge birds are seen flying around, and they attack the party.

Mar. 21, 2016: For the Birds.

  • The group manages to kill the two giant birds: one is roasted by Blaze and the other is stabbed in the head by Champagne.
  • The group continues north, asking at small towns about Pamplemousse Kettlegreen.
  • The party leaves the inhabited portions of the country and eventually see smoke from the campfires of a military outpost.
  • Kettel realizes that an old friend Eddie Sparks is at the outpost, and manages to get some information from him about Kettlegreen.
  • Champagne convinces Sparks that she's a political envoy from the Truffle family, and he provides them an escort around the camp.
  • The party goes off-road at the suggestion of their escort, and eventually reaches the Valley of Cogs.

Apr. 4 2016: The Valley of Cogs

Apr. 11 2016: Big Holes & Big Deals

  • Kettel catches up with the team after stopping to help Captain Sparks.
  • Champagne is asleep after eating too much.
  • Madeleine wanders off and finds a giant hole.
  • Blaze is lowered into the hole and eavesdrops on a group of green-skinned beings with large ears and jaws.
  • Dragon wing skin is found in the tannery, enraging Blaze.
  • The group makes their deals with Kettlegreen and Blaze sets off.

Apr. 18, 2016: Insinuation

  • The party (sans Blaze) leaves the Valley of Cogs for Los Asemblos.
  • On the way they see the army camp now marching north.
  • Champagne gets back into her family's house, and sneaks off to meet with Kettlegreen's messenger Hook Foot Luke.
  • Kettel hangs around in the minority quarter and attracts the attention of Deneth, a Bariaur with the Council For Minority Rights.
  • Madeleine make a big showy mess and gets into the University of Machina as a student.

Game system details[edit]

This is being played as Fate Core with the following modifications:

  • The usual skill list is modified slightly. The list of skills available is:
Athletics Empathy Notice Shoot
Burglary Engineering Physique Stealth
Contacts Fight Provoke Stormcalling
Deceive Investigate Rapport Will
Drive Lore Resources
  • The rules for Stormcalling magic are in play. See Fate System Toolkit, page 82.


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