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The Cast[edit]

The Principal Characters[edit]

The Crew of the Valkyrie[edit]



The Opposition[edit]

The Story So Far[edit]

Session One: Welcome to Valkyrie[edit]

In which twelve squadrons of ace pilots are selected for a crucial mission, and the enemy engaged for the first time.

Session Two: Slow Descent[edit]

In which a leak in Valkyrie's Hydrogen bags is causing a loss of altitude, and the enemy is sighted tailing the fleet.

Session Three: The Crete Maneuver[edit]

In which a feint is successful, but the enemy underestimated.

Session Four: De-Brief[edit]

In which the crew reports on their successes, and tempers rise.

Session Five: Chain of Command[edit]

In which loyalties clash, tempers are stoked, and the chain of command is tested.

Session Six: Search Pattern[edit]

In which the desert is explored, an enemy base discovered, and compatriots injured.

Session Seven: The Enemy Base[edit]

In which tempers rise, consequences are felt and an enemy base is infiltrated.

Session Eight: Finale[edit]

In which Kilimanjaro is reached, a traitor unmasked, compatriots lost, a tyrant defeated and a mission completed.