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Marvel 2033[edit]


  • Set in a theoretical 'future' Marvel universe, in the year 2033.
  • Player characters were born around present day (2017).
  • Action is focused in New York city.
  • Marvel 2033 One-shots - Other games that take place in the Marvel-2033 world

Player Characters[edit]

  • Myrmidon - [Outsider] (played by Kel). The Crown Prince of the Acroyears, sent from the Microverse to test his worthiness to someday become King. Is not aware that anyone was sent to watch him. He lives openly as an alien, and in Ben Grimm's house with Peter.
  • Shimmer - [Janus/Nova] - (played by Micah). A young woman with the power to mimic any substance, and with incredible mobility. Does not know the full extent of her capabilities. Her real name is Elizabeth "Beth" Miller. Has a part time job as an intern at Aurora Integrated Measurements.
  • Positron - [Protege/Brain] - (played by Derek). Peter Richards, third child of Reed and Sue Richards. Super-genius, like his father, but capable of manifesting and channeling the energies of the Negative Zone in a fashion much like his Uncle Johnny.
  • Nomad - [Legacy] - (played by Adrienne). Stevie "Evie" Natalia Barnes is the only child of the Winter Soldier and Black Widow. Evie is highly trained in martial arts and spycraft and has spent her entire life so far globetrotting from one mission to another with her ex-assassin/super-spy parents. Evie is very aware of her family's close connection to Captain America.
  • Hood - [Beacon] - (played by Ryan). A young man with savant-like skills as a martial artist, trained by his rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agent grandfather. He is trying to keep his neighborhood clean from criminal influences and keep his head down. His real name is Todd Bean.

Player Characters on Hiatus[edit]

  • The Sphinx - [Reformed] - (played by Rob). A super-powered street thief/con-man who is trying to turn his life around.


  • Erik Killmonger - would-be continental Africa conqueror, now charged with crimes against humanity and awaiting trial at a UN holding facility near the Lower East Side.
  • Princess Zanda - former exiled monarch of Narobia, allied with Killmonger to retake her country but came to regret that decision quickly. Also awaiting trial at a UN holding facility, but desperate to make a deal of some sort.
  • Norbert Ebersol aka The Fixer. Currently in the "Big House" aka the "Ant-Farm" aka the Lang Memorial Penitentiary. Ran a super-powered equipment pawn shop on the Lower East Side. He has declared his desire for revenge on Myrmidon for killing Karla Sofen (aka Moonstone).
  • Karla Sofen aka Moonstone. Currently deceased, killed by Myrmidon. Ebersol's partner in the pawn shop, and in life seemingly.
  • Kid Mojo. Currently doing crazy stuff in the Mojoverse. He was responsible for part of the tech that made Sefu into a cyborg.
  • "Shock" Shakwat. Former leader of the Monsoon 27 Gangsters. Now working with Hammerhead Jr.
  • Hammerhead Jr. Son of Hammerhead. Budding crime boss. Perhaps not the same after his trip to the Cancerverse?
  • Connor Kilgrave, aka Magenta. "Son" of the Purple Man. Budding crime boss. Owns a club called "Magenta". Perhaps not the same after his trip to the Cancerverse?
  • Mr. Lincoln, aka Tombstone. Current boss of all crime in the northeastern US.
  • The FU4 - a group of villains who seem to be working with Hydra
    • The Ruby Skull - a woman with a skull made of ruby-like crystal. The skull can take any form she wants. Location unknown.
    • Astrid Mordo - daughter? of Baron Mordo? Thrown into the stratosphere and seemingly exploded.
    • U-Roc - a troll of Asgard, with titanium steel knuckle pounders and a fondness for "A Clockwork Orange". Captured.
    • The Ghost - someone wearing a heavily (and clumsily) modified version of the Ghost armor. Captured.
  • Baron Strucker - last seen comatose in a giant egg in the Sixth Dimension
  • Red Skull - his face was seen on the main tower in Hydropolis in the Sixth Dimension
  • Annihil Agent #47 - leader of Failsafe Unit 5 and Supreme Hydra of the Sixth Dimension. Last seen with the egg containing Baron Strucker.
  • Tiboro, Sorcerer Supreme of the Sixth Dimension. Enslaved by Hydra, his head exploded by Shimmer.
  • Baron Zemo - seen in a message speaking to the Fixer about arranging some nastiness.
  • Carl "Crusher" Creel (aka the Absorbing Man) - apparently doing something else important instead of hanging with the Masters of Evil.
  • Jemadar Surrendar Jones - a senior member of Si-Fan, who officiated over the gang war between Magenta and Hammerhead Jr.
  • Moon Knight - Dwayne Turner, formerly Night Thrasher. Worked with the High Priest of Khonshu for some nefarious scheme with the Knights of Khonshu. A skateboard riding mysterious vigilante.
  • High Priest of Khonshu - Marc Spector, formerly Moon Knight, seemingly mystically powered. Working with a remnant of AIM.
  • MODOK - captured by the AIM remnant for the Knights of Khonshu.
  • Valeria Richards - took over from Dr Doom. Planned to "save" the world by uploading everyone into Doom-bots.
  • The Wizard clones - Weird (clone) almost stole a book from the bookstore at the mall (seriously?) with the help of his clone 'brothers' Winged and Wanton

Characters in the Neighborhood[edit]

  • Sarah Miller. Beth's mom. She is an admin. assistant at Aurora Integrated Measurements. She would freak if she knew what Beth was up to in her spare time. Never speaks of Beth's father. Has a home on the Lower East Side.
  • James Miller. Beth's Uncle (on mother's side) Works as a detective in the Super Crimes Division (SCD) of the NYPD, referred to as "Blue Steel" for the suits of Stark tech armor some of the officers wear. Suspects what Beth is up to. Thinks he knows who Beth's father is, but doesn't want to upset Ms. Miller. He knows about Beth's activities.
  • Benjamin J. Grimm aka "Uncle Ben". Peter (along with Myrmidon) is currently living with his Uncle Ben on the Lower East Side while his parents are off world (or maybe off-dimension, who knows?) Uncle Ben knows what Peter is up to, and has provided Peter with a hideout in the form of keys to a Future Foundation warehouse across the East River.
  • Alicia Masters aka "Aunt Alicia". Ben Grimm's wife, world-renowned sculptor.
  • Franklin Richards. Peter's older brother. He is currently acting CEO of the Future Foundation while his father is away. Lives in the Baxter Building in Midtown Manhattan at 42nd and Madison Ave.
  • George Washington (G.W.) Bridge aka Gramps. Todd's grandfather, Once was a senior S.H.I.E.L.D. agent of some sort, but left S.H.I.E.L.D. under shadowy circumstances and has done many shadowy things with shadowy people since then.
  • Mary Ann McAlister, aka Grams. Todd's grandmother. She would NOT be happy if she knew how thoroughly Grandpa Bridge has trained Todd, and that Grandpa was encouraging Todd to be a superhero. She kept her maiden name and passed it on to Todd's Mom due to SHIELD security protocols.
  • Danielle Cage - Coach of the NYC regional Unlimited Class Youth Sports Team.
  • Butch, Ralph, and Bookie - the staff at the Barber Shop. Butch is the bouncer, Ralph is another bouncer, Bookie the bartender.
  • Eddie Rimes - Mr. Lincoln's chauffeur.
  • Gordo and Buzz - ???
  • Devon - the doorman at the Blue Grotto
  • Officer Carmichael - a "Blue Steel" police officer with Super Crimes Division. He scolded Positron for taking steps that maybe should not have been taken.
  • Steve Rogers aka Captain America - Severe trauma (?) made him think he is Sam Revere, comics artist, but he has regained his memory (though not his physique).
  • Doctor Prometheus - a big wig at Aurora Integrated Measurements.
  • Sasha - a student at Obama High, very mean to Beth.
  • Sasha's Friend - another student at Obama High.
  • Sam Wilson - The hero once known as the Falcon is now an NYC city councilor and is considering running for mayor of NYC. He and his wife Misty Knight are Evie's defacto guardians in the absence of her parents.
  • Mr. Blaze - the shop teacher.
  • Dr. Bootsma - Beth's supervisor at Aurora Integrated Measurements
  • Mr. Isodore - Owner/Manager? at mall bookstore, where Peter pre-ordered vol. 23 of A Song of Ice and Fire (The Secret of the Lost Continent).
  • Dr. Strange - Spent 150 years in the Purple Dimension in order to survive the timeline while making minimal changes. Also, took the Unearth for safekeeping.

Characters in NYC[edit]

  • Carl "Crusher" Creel, aka The Absorbing Man, aka Beth's father. Beth recently forced his identity out of Ms. Miller.
  • Luke Cage. Currently chairperson of the Avengers.
  • "Gregg" AKA Sandro Chavez. A Doombot of some sort, arranged for Hood to help steal TESS-One from Bert's Pawn Shop. Also a senior functionary at the New York Latverian Embassy.
  • Agent Ujjal Singh. A SHIELD agent, responsible for cleaning up Bert's Pawn Shop. Took a chance on the Hood's information to catch whoever was trying to steal TESS-One.
  • The New York City Regional Unlimited Class High School Martial Arts Team (Myrmidon's team)
    • Hilde Volstaggsdottir - daughter of Volstagg, the Ambassador to the UN from Asgard
    • Ajak Whitman - not a big kid, but a total powerhouse
    • DeKanye "Glitter" Shaver - a mutant, capable of turning into a golden metal form
    • Katelin Vasquez - a 15 year old girl exposed as a child to gamma radiation
  • Carla - a girl from another school, went out with Peter and others for Bengali food after the Regionals
  • May Parker - from same school as Carla, daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker. School reporter.
  • Ben Ulrich Jr. - gossip reporter for the Daily Bugle.
  • Sharon Carter - The former Agent 13 is now the current Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Also known as Evie's 'Aunt Sharon'. Has helped the kids clean up after a few of their adventures now.

Characters far away[edit]

  • Cilicia. Myrmidon's mother and Regent of the Acroyears in the Microverse.
  • Evelyn McAlister. Todd's mother, was a cocktail waitress, but was killed in a shootout several years ago.
  • Todd's Father. Name unknown. Referred to by his mother, before she died, as the "sperm donor".
  • The Richards/Storm family
    • Reed and Sue Richards. Peter's parents. Currently off world, maybe in another universe, on extended sabbatical. They had taken Peter with them, but Peter has some kind of "space allergy" that makes him have to stay on Earth.
    • Johnny Storm and Lyja, and their child Victor. Peter's uncle and aunt. Lyja is a skrull, making Peter's cousin the only known half-skrull, half-human in the universe. They live in the Interspace Free Zone, a complex of space stations at the Earth-Moon L5 point where alien cultures can set up commerce with Earth and where the various embassies are located. Lyja is the Free Skrull Republic ambassador to Earth. Vik'tor, by coincidence, just happens to mean "Strength of Shape" in Skrullian.
    • Valeria Richards, aka The Invincible Woman, aka Queen of Latveria. Peter's older sister. When Victor Von Doom died four years ago at the end of what is now called World War Doom, his will granted all of his titles and the throne of Latveria to then 17 year old Valeria Richards. Surprisingly, Valeria immediately took up the throne, essentially running away from her family, and now rules Latveria. She signed the Global Peace Accord on behalf of Latveria and was instrumental in its negotiation.
  • Sefu Adhiambo. A teenager who had been converted into a super-powered cyborg child soldier by Erik Killmonger in his conquest of Narobia and adjacent African nations. Freed when Killmonger was defeated by a Wakandan led United Nations taskforce. Sefu is in NYC to testify at some point before a UN war crimes tribunal against Killmonger, and has been enrolled at Obama High for the duration of his stay. His cyborg modifications were removed by Kid Mojo after the vibranium payment owed Kid Mojo by Killmonger was paid by the Future Foundation.
  • Hank Pym - disappeared about 14 years ago
  • α27 of the 17th Head Creche - a 6th Dimension HYDRA soldier, interrogated by the team.
  • Jimmy - a mutant crocodile from the Southern region, nice guy, had match with Myrmidon at regionals
  • Marsha McFern - daughter of Crusher Creel and Titania, half-sister to Beth.
  • Mary McFern - aka Mary McPherran, aka Titania), Marsha's mother.
  • Tutinax - a Deviant, member of the Northern Team
  • Nuklik "Nuke" Langowski - leader of the Canadian team.
  • Vlyron - Prince of Lemuria, from the California team.
  • Lyra - Queen of Lemuria, Vlyron's Grandmother
  • Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff. Evie's parents. Estranged for a few years now thanks to Bucky's 17-year long obsession with proving that Steve Rogers wasn't dead. Bucky, Natasha, and Steve have currently gone "underground" to keep Steve safe from all the different factions looking for him.
  • Queen Charlotte - current monarch of the United Kingdom. Her brother and father were casualties of the Doom War.
  • Sandro Chavez - Valeria's former right-hand man, now an official in the DR Latveria
  • Mr. Illusya - former Soviet spy in Latveria, returned to his homeland by Shimmer

Places of Importance[edit]

  • Lower East Side. The neighborhood in southeast Manhattan where the characters live. In the early 2000s it was becoming highly gentrified, but as the century progressed a number of local people, including Ben Grimm (who had grown up on Yancy St), fought to keep the local character as much as possible and ensure some lower and middle class housing would still be available. It is now a highly diverse neighborhood, with both native New Yorkers (of all ethnicities) and recent immigrants (some not even from Earth!) living boisterously side by side.
  • Barrack Obama Community High School. Formerly East Side Community High School. The school all of the characters attend.
  • Future Foundation. The organization set up by Reed and Sue Richards to maintain his patents and better the human condition. Currently ran by Franklin Richards while his father is away.
  • The Warehouse. A warehouse owned but mostly forgotten by the Future Foundation on the East River in Brooklyn, across from the Lower East Side and near the Brooklyn terminus of the Williamsburg Bridge. Stores many pieces of "obsolete" (by the standards of Reed Richards) technology. There is, of course, a small underground train to the Warehouse from Ben Grimm's townhouse.
  • Aurora Integrated Measurements. A medium sized high technology laboratory in Lower East Side, where Beth's mother works and Beth is an intern. Interestingly, the logo of the lab is an abstract stylized flying insect, maybe a bumblebee? Maybe a wasp? Maybe a yellowjacket? Hard to tell.
  • The Dugan Memorial Holding Facility, aka the Fridge. A joint SHIELD/UN secure facility deep underground with an entrance at the small island once known as Belmont or U Thant Island in the river near the United Nations complex. Currently holding a number of important alleged war criminals who pose special security problems, such as Erik Killmonger and Princess Zanda.
  • The Barber Shop. A speakeasy in a basement on 3rd Street on the Lower East Side frequented by all kinds of shadowy types looking for a place to relax. Gramps frequents it, and used to take Todd there a lot, until Grams put her foot down and he had to do it secret-like. It is completely non-descript, with only a small red and blue striped barber pole tucked in next to the basement door, and a small printed sign on the door that reads (handwritten additions are in italics):
NO: guns, knives, bows hammers, boomerangs, throwing stars, nunchuks, weird oriental poking/slicing things of any kind, lasers (unless internal), nuclear/biological/chemical wpns, JUST NO WEAPONS DAMNIT YOU KNOW WHAT A WEAPON IS, JESUS!,LMD's this means you Fury, politics, vendettas, fighting (except in the back) Two more heads might take your place, but we have a special trashcan in the back for yours
  • The Blue Grotto - a martini bar, somewhat old-school haunt of some gangsters including Eddie Rimes. Doorman is Devon "Shoot". Has a smoker's speakeasy in the basement. Has a Mermaid.
  • Old Avengers Mansion Museum
  • The Microverse - A microscopic universe full of strange planets like the human-inhabited Homeworld which is made up of diverse spherical habitats that are linked together in the fashion of a molecular chain, lush jungle world Kaliklak (resembling a large atom) where the dominant species is the insect-like Insectivorids, and the now-devastated planet Spartak (resembling a molecule with only a pair of atoms, but with enormous spike-like mountains emerging from all sides) former home planet of the race of Acroyears. The Microverse is separated from the Macroverse (Earth) by a barrier referred to as The Spacewall which is difficult to traverse without the correct technology. Normally, natives of the Microverse who pierce the Spacewall to reach Earth (and those who used Dr. Phillip Prometheus' "Prometheus Pit" at Human Engineering Life Laboratories (H.E.L.L.)) arrive the size of action figures, their vehicles the size of toys. Natives of Earth arrive in the Microverse as giants. Other methods may or may not possess this limitation, such as Reed Richards' Reducta-Craft which allowed three members of the Fantastic Four to enter the Microverse at the same size as the inhabitants. Myrmidon's Battle Cruiser appears to combine both relative size modes, allowing the ship and its crew/passengers to be either the same size as their Earth counterparts or the size of action figures/toys. The Acroyears still cruise through the Microverse as refugees in their fleet of space arks. The status of Kaliklak and Homeworld in the current year have not yet been established.
  • Sixth Dimension - contains Hydropolis, the city built by Hydra Failsafe Unit 5. Now under UN control, causing major international incidents.
  • 1005 Walpurt Stree Apt 29 - an apartment in Brooklyn, home to Sam Revere (aka Steve Rogers).
  • Latveria et al
  • Dr Strange's Mansion
  • The bookstore at the mall

Other Items/Things of Interest[edit]

  • ST: "ST" stands for SentaiToku, a messaging/chat/information sharing app with incredibly tight security used by various super-hero types, mostly younger, as a social media platform. You get into the network by invitation only through a "vouching" mechanism, where the more existing longer-term users vouch for you, the more access you have. Originally designed by students at the Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted under the tutorship of Hiro Takachiho (the designer of Baymax), it has spread world-wide. Not approved by SHIELD, the Avengers, or most anyone else who could be considered a parental figure. "ST" is often used as a verb, as in "ST me the deets and I'll get those weapon specs for you", or "I ST'ed White Tiger to see if she wanted to go out, but she invisibled me."
  • Teen Titans Vol 10, #28 - the last issue written by Neil Gaiman before his retirement. Pencils by Sam Revere.
  • World Series 2033 - a game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Seoul Supersonics. Todd won big betting on the Reds with knowledge of the future.

The Story[edit]

When they first met[edit]

The group fought a giant robotic spider attacking Daily Bugle Inc. They fought together because they came to realize they were all trying to save innocents. They specifically saved Daniel Engermann, a lawyer for DBI and Sefu's legal guardian in NYC. Uncle Ben gave Peter a key to the Warehouse after this fight. They found strange, indecipherable symbols inside the giant robot spider.

Bert's Pawnshop[edit]

(Jul 15, 2017)

  • Hood notices a suspicious van and calls in the Team
  • Gangmembers carrying sonic destabilizers arrive at Bert's Pawnshop
  • When the team enters the pawnshop, they are confronted by Moonstone
  • After a brief fight Moonstone retreats to a secret lair underneath the pawnshop
  • The Team follows, and proceeds to take down Moonstone (dissipated), The Fixer (surrendered), a guy with superfists, several gangsters with sonic destabilizers
  • Much 'outdated' advanced technology is damaged or detroyed in the process
  • After some discussion, Myrmidon crushes the Moonstone, killing Moonstone, against the direction of the Team
  • Uncle Ben and SHIELD arrive to sort things out
  • The team disperses to reflect on the events of the evening.

The Mojoverse[edit]

(Aug 7, 2017)

  • Sefu disappears in a flash of light. Repossession notice left behind that can be read by anyone in person psychically: "Receipt for repossession, Erik Killmonger must pay"
  • Beth calls on teammates to track down Sefu.
  • Hood is approached by humanoid robot to help steal a giant robot from Bert's pawnshop.
  • Hood tips off SHIELD to track the robot, which he helps to steal.
  • Beth, Peter, and Myrmidon chase Sefu through a portal, find he has been captured by an escaping ship, chase it down, blow a hole in the side, rescue Sefu, and run away.
  • Kid Mojo appears to block the retreat.
  • Peter negotiates the release of the child soldiers (sans tech) using his brother Franklin's resources.
  • Hood shows up to live-stream the deal.
  • Celebrate with lasagna.
  • Hood meets "Moon Knight" and gets invited to meet with the Knights of Khonshu.
  • The Fixer threatens revenge on Myrmidon.

Enter the Sphinx[edit]

(Sept 23, 2017)

  • Fourth period biology class, UC wrestling practice, auto shop class
  • Encounter with Jason
  • Uncle James is in the hospital
  • Uncle James reveals what he knows (Hammerhead Jr. and Kilgrave gangs), asks Beth to investigate
  • Jason agrees (under protest) to help the team against Kilgrave and comes clean about his past
  • The team spots a suspicious van, watching Beth
  • Van disabled - fight with Hammerhead Jr. and "Shock" Shakwat

The Ritual[edit]

(Oct 21, 2017)

  • Scolded by the NYPD
  • Return to the warehouse
  • Hood meets up with Moon Knight (Dwayne Tailor)
  • Investigating the "Ritual of Superiority" set by the Council of Seven
  • Visit Eddie Rimes (Mr Lincoln's (Tombstone) chauffeur) to learn more
  • "Speak" to Eddie at "The Blue Grotto" martini lounge
  • Raided by police. Escape via smoker speakeasy and teleportal
  • Locate "Master of Ritual" in Mr. Lincoln's tower
  • Fly into the middle of the "Mahjong" match with Mr Lincoln, Kilgrave, Hammerhead Jr, "Shock" Shokwat, Mr Jones, and a bunch of ninjas
  • Mess up the Mahjong pieces
  • Change the rules. Make the contest 3-way
  • Teleport Kilgrave and hammerhead Jr to the Cancerverse
  • Contest ended
  • Kilgrave and Hammerhead Jr returned, but somehow different
  • Foreshadowing the Cancerverse villain

The FU4[edit]

(Nov 18, 2017)

  • Beth asks Hildi about Asgard for a "school project" - finds out about a prison break 16 years ago.
  • Todd and Jason hang out at the Barbershop - Gramps shows up for a meeting with "Natasha"
  • Beth's Mom talks about how her workplace is in an uproar over an inspection by "Doctor Prometheus".
  • Beth confronts her mom about the prison break - reveals Carl "Crusher" Creel is Beth's father when he was at the Pleasant Hill "prison"
  • Jason discovers an ambush waiting to take out the Barbershop, calls in the team
  • Battle with the FU4 (the Ruby Skull, U-Roc, Astrid Mordo, the Ghost) while saving innocent lives.
  • Ruby Skull escapes, U-Roc immobilized, Ghost surrenders, and Mordo seemingly explodes into arcane fireworks

Steve Rogers[edit]

(Dec 9, 2017)

  • Stevie aka Evie aka Nomad followed Natasha to the Barbershop, finds remains of battle with FU4
  • Questioning of Hydra soldier - fail safe Hydra cell from 6th dimension
  • Nomad gets a message that Fury left something in a Brooklyn apartment
  • SHIELD shows up to clean up the FU4
  • Beth goes to ask Uncle James about Carl Kreel
  • Team investigates apartment and finds Steve Rogers and his shield - thinks he is Sam Revere, a comic artist
  • Hydra-thopters incoming to apartment - tracking shield vibranium signature
  • Team escapes with SR, masks shield while Shimmer mimics the vibranium to lead Hydra away
  • Shimmer, Myrmiddon and Sphinx destroy/distract most of the Hydra-thopters
  • Peter, Nomad and Steve go back to the warehouse and find Ruby Skull and Astrid Mordo waiting, but fight them off

Dimension 6[edit]

(Jan 20, 2018)

  • Myrmiddon restores Steve Rogers' memory with his powers
  • SHIELD converges on the warehouse, demanding the return of Steve Rogers
  • Peter activates an old escape pod headed to the old Avengers Mansion - Sphinx stays to hold off SHIELD
  • Team crashes into Avengers Mansion - now museum - and heads to safe house in the Battlecruiser
  • At Safehouse, Nomad reunites with her dad, Bucky Barnes
  • Bucky and Steve go 'underground' while the team heads to the sixth dimension to deal with Hydra. Just before the team heads out, Steve lends his shield to Nomad.
  • Peter's 'allergies' kick in when portal to Earth closes
  • Sixth Dimension is stronghold, base of operations for weird Hydra invasion force - not from our timeline/universe
  • Four main Hydra badguys on monument - Baron Strucker, Red Skull, Annihil Agent #47, and unrecognized.
  • Myrmiddon and Shimmer destroy mega missiles targeting earth
  • Peter and Nomad infiltrate Portal controls to lock portal open and call for superhero reinforcements while battling AnihilAgent #47. Peter had a 'going nuclear' moment when his negative zone energy suddenly appeared across his entire body and he was able to unleash a tremendous blast that destroyed a good portion of the control room.
  • Tiboro, sorcerer supreme of the Sixth Dimension is released from chains - attacks team
  • MoT: Shimmer dives inside Tiboro, weakening his powers until finally he is destroyed. Shimmer unmasked and seen by at least Johnny Storm
  • Big fight between superheroes and Hydra in Sixth Dimension
  • Return to find SHIELD still poking around the warehouse
  • Regroup and celebrate victory at nearby
  • In an epilogue, it is revealed that AnnihilAgent #47 and Baron Strucker's 'egg' were not destroyed after Nomad helped them fall out of the control room, and that Zemo is planning to help the Fixer with his plan, though Creel is otherwise occupied with plans of his own...


(Feb. 24, 2018)

  • Live from Madison Square Gardens in NYC, it's the Unlimited Class High School Martial Arts Eastern Regionals!
  • Myrmidon and his team from NYC are in the locker room, getting themselves psyched up, and meeting some of their competition.
  • Beth and Evie arrive at MSG, where Evie is immediately singled out by Sasha, one of the popular girls at Obama High, for not telling everyone who Evie is. The popular girls ignore Beth. Evie manages to deftly evade both Sasha's questions and her invitation to hang out after the competition.
  • Peter and his Uncle Ben are already in their seats in MSG, waiting for the action to start.
  • Peter runs into a gaggle of girls who want to hang out with him after the event. Peter is oblivious to the implications.
  • In the crowd, both Absorbing Man (Beth's father), and his ex-wife, Titania, are spotted. They are both cheering on a young contestant named Marsha MacPhernan.
  • Beth tells Creel that she is his daughter. He doesn't handle the news particularly well.
  • Marsha gets injured in her one of her fights, causing Creel to crash into the locker room looking for revenge on her opponent, Tutenax.
  • Things get ugly in the locker room, where Tutenax and Absorbing Man are about to fight, with Evie, Beth and Peter trying to keep things from escalating.
  • Creel is convinced to leave, but it turns out Tutenax is actually a jerk.
  • Evie ends up incurring popular-girl Sasha's wrath when Sasha spies Evie giving Peter a hug (it was a thank you hug and not anything more. Honest...)
  • Myrmidon makes his way through his opponents, winning his first match handily, earning the respect of various notable people, and eventually taking down Tutenax.
  • The New York team wins the tournament.
  • After the competition, Myrmidon, Peter, Evie, and Beth go hang out with a bunch of kids from various schools (including Hilde's Asgardian-by-way-of-Earth brothers, Kevin and Mick), where Beth introduces herself to her half-sister, Marsha.

The Age of Rama-Tut[edit]

(March 24, 2018)

  • The scene opens on the gigantic pyramids of New Heliopolis, the city formerly known as New York City.
  • Nomad is a slave, working on the latest pyramid monument to the Pharaoh. She just killed one of the slave overseers. She decides running is preferable to being a slave.
  • Shimmer is robbing a bank with her father, the Absorbing Man. They make off with a large amount of gold but split up to avoid being captured. They agree they'll meet back at the Temple of Loki. Shimmer is almost caught by the police, but manages to smooth talk her way out.
  • The Hood is being briefed by his grandfather, Head of Security G.W. Bridge. They speak about a plan to assassinate a group of dignitaries from a MicroVerse, who are to meet with the Pharaoh.
  • Speaking of those dignitaries, Prince Myrmidon and his father, King Acroyear, emerge from a Prometheus Pit, and are welcomed by the Pharaoh. Myrmidon notices a bas-relief depicting the Pharaoh fighting and killing people who the readers would recognize as the Fantastic Four. It also shows that Rama-Tut is (of course) the Pharaoh.
  • Positron finds himself in a weird place, surrounded by fog and no idea how he got here. He is attacked by a space phantom (who had been impersonating Peter's mother), who wants to take Peter to meet the phantom's 'Master'. Peter beats on the phantom and then agrees to meet the master.
  • Nomad tries to recover the one item she has left from her life before she became a slave; a shield. It's hidden in the Central Square, which, unfortunately for Evie, is currently filled with people who have come to see the delegation of Acroyears. Evie starts a riot in the crowd so she can recover her shield unnoticed. But for some reason, she and Myrmidon lock eyes and both get a weird feeling.
  • Shimmer returns to the Temple of Loki, but realizes her father hasn't made it back yet. Myrmidon decides to leave his far too opulent guest rooms and go explore New Heliopolis for himself.
  • The Hood realizes that the proposed assassination will end up also killing thousands of civilians and will probably start a rebellion against Rama-Tut's rule. However, Todd also likes how important he is and all the authority he has in this reality.
  • Peter meets up with Immortus, insults and gloating commence, but the outcome is that Peter is told he does not exist in this reality, he must save his family from being killed by Rama-Tut in ancient Egypt. Peter goes all explodey again and creates an exit for himself out of Limbo. "Never give a Richards five uninterrupted minutes with access to a computer."
  • Evie helps Absorbing Man in his fight against a Servitor, with Beth showing up right at the end. Beth and Evie share a weird feeling like they should know one another. All three enter the Temple of Loki.
  • Myrmidon, hearing the fight against the Servitor, sees the three leaving the scene, and decides to follow them. Unbeknownst to him, Todd has also been following Myrmidon, as he should not be AWOL from the palace. The two meet up just outside the Temple of Loki and proceed to get into a disagreement. This gives the Temple time for everyone to evacuate.
  • Peter gets a device from Immortus that will allow him to exist outside of Limbo. He finally leaves Limbo to meet up with the others. While this device does tether him to reality again, it also makes Peter exist in every time simultaneously, so Peter is constantly shifting between all the possible versions of himself.
  • Peter shows up at the Temple, calls Nomad and Shimmer by their names, and basically explains what's wrong and that they have to stop Rama-Tut from killing his family, the Avengers (who shouldn't be there), and Doctor Strange (who also shouldn't be there).
  • The team, using Myrmidon's battlecruiser and Evie's research, infiltrate the Throne Room so they can get close enough to Rama-Tut's time machine (that happens to be the Sphinx). Peter gets to the controls and takes them all back to ancient Egypt, where he promptly takes off to rescue his family. Todd and Myrmidon go to assist him, while Beth goes to rescue Doctor Strange and Evie goes to rescue the Avengers (because she remembers 'Uncle' Clint telling her something about this adventure). Everyone has their memories of the 'correct' timeline back now.
  • Fights ensue, adults are saved from death, it is discovered that this all came about because of something to do with Todd and the acolytes of the god Konshu. Beth and Doctor Strange have a good conversation (Beth even allows him to read her mind).
  • The team returns to the present to find the timeline restored and they celebrate a job well done.

The Do-Over[edit]

(April 28, 2018)

  • After returning from Ancient Egypt where they corrected the Rama-Tut infected timeline, the team finds themselves back in the Warehouse. However... they discover that it appears to be a week earlier than they left; it is the morning after Regionals again.
  • This means that Peter receives a worried call from his Uncle Ben, and Beth receives a worried call from her mother. Both are in trouble for staying out all night. Peter is able to escape any punishment by simply explaining that there was time travel involved. But Beth's mother saw that Creel was at the wrestling and is freaked out.
  • Basically, the team knows that the Priests of Konshu had a 'voodoo doll' of Earth, and they were going to do a ritual to make Earth more 'just'. This somehow opened the door for Rama-Tut to change the timeline. The kids now realize that they have to stop the Priests from doing their ritual, which is scheduled to happen that night.
  • So in the meantime, before the ritual is due to happen, the boys (Peter, Myrmidon, and Todd) go to Uncle Ben's for pancakes, (Myrmidon is adored by the general public along the way) and the girls (Beth and Evie) go to face down Beth's mom.
  • Beth had previously managed to keep the fact that Creel had been at Regionals from her mother, but her mother now knows and is basically wanting to bolt. Evie does what she can to try and smooth out the situation, but after Beth has an explosive conversation with her mother and a not very helpful one with her Uncle James, Beth does tell her mother that Creel knows Beth is his daughter. This leads to another explosive argument (which is where Evie, after cooking a delicious breakfast for everyone, decides to make herself scarce). Beth and her mother come to a truce and sit down to eat together. Beth does NOT tell her mother about her powers.
  • Evie and Peter meet up so she can help him pass his auto-shop test AGAIN (and was there perhaps a moment of disappointment on her face when she saw Peter wasn't alone? Maaaayybe.) She helps him understand the internal combustion engine by 'translating' it into more complex terms that Peter will get. While this is happening, Myrmidon and Todd spar and get testosterone everywhere.
  • Peter then sciences the heck out of things, including making Cap's shield shrink down so that Evie can carry it unobtrusively with her at all times.
  • Beth makes the important discovery that Dr. Strange is still alive, indicating that this timeline is not exactly the same as the one they left.
  • It is time for the meeting, so the team heads for the old mansion where they know the meeting is taking place. The Hood is welcomed by the current Moon Knight (formerly known as Night Thrasher) and meets the High Priest of Konshu, Marc Spectre, the original Moon Knight. The Hood had previously made a very good impression on them, and they are happy to welcome him into their ranks.
  • Things do not go the way they previously did.
  • The Hood and Marc Spectre have a battle royale in the ballroom, with Myrmidon in the Battle Cruiser wreaking havoc by unleashing the Enigma Force on the whole battle zone, creating an illusion of a gigantic opera house, filled with an audience of Acroyears. Meanwhile, Shimmer, Positron, and Nomad head to take care of the Un-Earth. Which turns out to be an anti-matter bomb. That Positron now has to defuse.
  • Oh and there are some AIM guys and they have a M.O.D.O.K in a cage. Which Nomad then frees. After it kindly kills the AIM guys so that Positron can concentrate on the bomb, the M.O.D.O.K, of course, tries to flee so it can launch its own nefarious plans, but fortunately, Shimmer traps it again and she and Nomad get it back into its cage.
  • Positron uses the unstable molecules of his costume to contain the bomb's antimatter, but this basically means sacrificing his costume, and Peter ends up being a tad underdressed, wearing only his boxers, for the rest of the adventure.
  • By the end of the night, the Un-Earth bomb is defused, M.O.D.O.K is recaptured, Marc Spectre is dealt with and the timeline seems... Ok?

The Queen[edit]

(June 9, 2018)

  • Evie calls her 'Aunt' Sharon to bring S.H.I.E.L.D and clean up the mess left over at the mansion. Specifically, the MODOK and anti-matter bomb shaped messes. Sharon sort of asks Evie if she's heard from her parents and Evie confesses she hasn't. She mentions that everyone is kinda mad at Sharon right now. But they agree to eventually go have a steak dinner and talk things out.
  • Todd discovers that, using information he had from the time travelling they did, he did indeed win his outrageous World Series bet on the Cincinnati Reds! He goes to the Barbershop to collect his winnings. Bookie is of course, not happy with this. Myrmidon and Evie accompany Todd to the 'shop. Myrmidon takes part in the celebration and Evie strikes up a conversation in French with long-time Captain America opponent (now retired), Batroc the Leaper.
  • In the meantime, Beth, not wanting to strain her relationship with her mother any further, decides to simply go home, and Peter heads to the Warehouse to create himself a new costume to replace the one he lost in containing the anti-matter bomb. He also sends an email to his sister, Valeria, Queen of Latveria. Myrmidon also comes to the Warehouse at this point (after the party at the Barbershop is done) and questions Peter about his sister, for he is interested in perhaps meeting an Earth monarch.
  • Todd returns home from the Barbershop party and is confronted by his grandmother, who is waiting up for him. His Gramps is out on one of 'adventures' and Grams is none too happy. She knows about Todd's superheroics and is very convinced that if he keeps at it, he's going to die young.
  • It's the next morning and time for... School!
  • Evie and Beth further get on mean-girl Sasha's bad side when Evie sticks up for Myrmidon after overhearing Sasha make a disparaging remark about his looks.
  • Todd gets a message from his grandfather that he's fine and home now and that Todd should "tell Evie that her mom says hi."
  • After a slightly odd pep-talk from Myrmidon, Peter passes his auto shop exam with a C+! Autoshop teacher Johnny Blaze is impressed that Peter did manage to pass at all. The gang meets up at lunch to celebrate Peter's passing grade. Peter invites everyone to come to the Latverian embassy with him to meet his sister.
  • During lunch, Todd tells Evie her mom says hi, and Evie gets upset, taking out her frustration at her parents not being around on the messenger. She apologizes to Todd, but is still upset enough that that night, she complains to Sam (aka Sam Wilson, the Falcon) about the message and her parents' lack of contact with her. Sam says she's right to feel that way, and that she's different from her parents in that Evie cares more about people's feelings than they do.
  • The next day, the gang heads to the Latverian embassy at the UN. While in transit, Myrmidon questions Peter about Latveria and Doctor Doom (it is discovered that 3/5 members of the group have parents who have tangled with Doom at least once). There have been no reporters allowed in Latveria for 2 years, and there are many people lined up at the embassy, looking to emigrate to Latveria.
  • Before they go in, a Vishanti priest passes Beth some literature, which turns out to be a message from Dr. Strange, who basically says the lines of communication between them are still open.
  • The group is wary in the embassy; Evie can't detect any subliminal messages in the pro-Latveria promotional videos being played everywhere though.
  • Eventually they find Valeria in a workshop in the basement, working away on something, and not really paying attention to the gang. She tells Peter where he can find Doom's time travel device and lets him take it, as she is busy 'saving the world'. Myrmidon, not really liking the way Valeria is kind of ignoring everyone, tries to provoke her into acknowledging them, but it goes terribly, Valeria gets angry and orders him out of the embassy. This makes Myrmidon quite sure that Valeria is up to something nefarious. And to back this feeling up, Evie finds a robot that looks like Tess I, something the others had previously tangled with. Myrmidon looks into where the people are lining up, and everything there seems to be on the up and up... BUT he discovers that all the staff at the embassy are Doombots. At this point, Myrmidon gets it into his head that he should go invade Latveria all on his own.
  • As the others head out, Todd sees Greg, who slips a data card to Todd as they shake hands. Evie lets them both know that she noticed this transfer.
  • After some security procedures are put into place so that Todd can access what Greg gave him, and Myrmidon is convinced to come back from his solo 'invasion', Peter, not wanting to think badly of his sister, does listen to Myrmidon's worries, and hacks into a SHIELD satellite. This shows them the rather unnerving image of a half million people standing in perfectly lined up rows, completely immobile underneath Doom's castle. While this discovery is going on, Todd checks the data card (by himself, and with no spyware installed!), to discover that it's Valeria on the other end. She has a proposition for him; she knows that Peter has found out about the mysterious people and will be 'invading' Latveria. If Todd agrees to do something for Valeria when Peter invades, then she will make sure Todd and his family are well rewarded...

Latveria and Project Transcendence[edit]

(July, 2018)

  • Travel to Latveria. Peter gives Valeria a heads up.
  • Royal welcome for Peter and Myrmiddon
  • Beth, Evie, and Todd check out a suspicious Bakery
  • Bakery run by Soviet spy who has been stranded for 15 years
  • Valeria reveals her plan of linking human minds with Doom-bot replicas of themselves - not all willingly
  • Doom-bots assault the Bakery - spy was left as bait for a trap
  • Peter and Myrmiddon fight with Valeria and Doom-bot minions
  • Beth and Evie manage to disrupt the Doom-bot minions mind links with a device from Peter attached to a radio transmitter, while Todd holds off/distracts the Doom-bots.
  • Peter and Myrmiddon defeat Valeria, forcing her to destroy her palace.
  • Beth appeals to the mind-linked humans - they release any unwilling people, and set about planning their new government.
  • Beth teleports the spy back to his homeland.
  • Scene of Valeria waking up in a Doom-bot body at a facility on Mars, vowing to rebuild her project.

Normal Teenager Things[edit]

(August 25, 2018)

  • About a month after Latveria, news about the government change is just coming out. The official story from the new government (the People's Republic of Latveria) is that there was a 'power' accident and Valeria died in the accident. The country is in mourning for its Queen, and are planning a state funeral. Interestingly enough, none of Valeria's actual family seems to be invited to the funeral.
  • Evie has been offered a job with SHIELD, to basically help them investigate who is recruiting young superhumans and getting them to commit crimes. Evie is mulling this offer over. She has also realized that there seems to be an agreement between her parents, Aunt Sharon, and Sam Wilson that Steve Rogers is being kept hidden from the world in general (and his former enemies specifically), so he is on the run with Natasha and Bucky.
  • Peter, Evie, and Beth go to the mall after school - Peter wants to pick up his new book (vol 23 ASoIaF). Brick and mortar bookstores and actual physical books are a bit of a rarity in 2033. Peter's copy of the extravagant new ASoIF volume is his birthday present from Franklin.
  • Beth stops at home first to talk to her mom - she already figured out Beth was superpowered.
  • Beth promises to be one of the "good guys", and to tell her mom if she ever talks to Carl Creel again.
  • Evie and Peter get dinner together at the mall (Wakandan food). They talk about their unconventional upbringings that, in both their cases, didn't allow for much 'normal teenager things'.
  • Ben Ulrich Jr (a gossip columnist, much to his father's chagrin) interrupts their meal, asks if Evie and Peter are on a date (which they both quickly deny), and then asks Peter uncomfortable questions about Valeria, but Peter gets rid of him and wipes his phone. (except for one picture of Evie and Peter eating)
  • At the bookstore, two people who look a lot like The Wizard are waiting in line. It becomes clear that they will cause trouble if they don't get a book.
  • Peter sets off the fire alarm to clear the mall.
  • Wizard clones attack Peter, but also fight among themselves, as one of the clones isn't really interested in fighting.
  • Team defeats the clones (physically and emotionally) and stay to clean up the mess.
  • Ben Ulrich Jr. crashes the aftermath of the fight and again asks too many questions. Peter wipes his phone again.
  • Beth decides she will go see Dr Strange after all, and suddenly finds herself in Dr Strange's study.
  • A talk with Dr Strange reveals what he has gone through to still be alive this time, and that Beth's powers originate from Asgardian magic (change playbook - Nova)

Warehouse of Horror[edit]

(Oct. 27, 2018)

  • It's Hallowe'en! And as part of Operation: Normal Teenager, Evie decides to throw a Hallowe'en party. At the Warehouse.
  • The moment the invites go out, there is much maneuvering (should Todd get beer? Yes.), planning (is everything dangerous in the Warehouse moved? Maybe?), social engineering (who to invite?), and educating (answer any questions Myrmidon has about this Earth ritual). By the time the event finally rolls around, Evie's feeling like she's been planning for the D-Day invasion of France.
  • In the meantime, Beth has been hanging out with Dr. Strange and learning about her NEW POWERS!
  • Todd, who has taken it upon himself to procure beer from Bookie, (who eventually gives Todd the beer in exchange for style tips so he feels confident enough to ask Silver Sable out) spends a lot of his time before the party dodging Sasha because she seems concerned that there should be booze at the party.
  • Finally, it is the night of the party and costumes are unveiled! Beth has put together an elaborate Acroyear costume (which pleases Myrmidon a great deal, obvs), Myrmidon is dressed as the Thing, Todd is dressed as DC comic book villain Lex Luthor, Evie is dressed as a ballerina, and Peter is dressed as OG Groot.
  • Peter has worked hard all week, setting up an incredibly realistic and scary haunted house inside the Warehouse for everyone to go through. He and Evie do a final safety inspection of the Warehouse before the party-goers arrive.
  • However... Peter might've succeeded in making it a little TOO scary, as the many, many terrified screams attest to, and especially when the gang witnesses poor Ajak (dressed as latest hip-hop sensation Ryze) booking it out of there at high speed, and Hilde (who is dressed as Hilary Clinton) is likewise destroying H.E.R.B.I.Es who are playing their roles a little too convincingly. Todd calms Ajak down (and allows the boy to save face), while Evie and Peter calm Hilde down. Evie also suggests to Peter that maybe he 'dial the scary-stuff down a bit'. He does.
  • Beth has been hanging with Prince Vyron of Lemuria (who made a stink about being let in), dancing with him, but not falling for his advances.
  • It's noticed that a door to the basement (cause there's a basement?) is open, and when investigated, they find Kevin (dressed as an NY Yankee baseball player) and Caitlin (dressed as a Musketeer) making out down there. They are told to leave, but unfortunately, they become affected by the negative zone energy seeping through a portal that also has someone (specifically Blastarr) trying to get through it. Uh oh.
  • Beth puts up a barrier to hold back the negative zone energy from getting any further while Evie keeps Catilin busy and Todd shoves Kevin through the barrier to strip him of the energy (as both Caitlin and Kevin were negatively affected by the negative energy). Myrmidon deploys a device to suck all the negative energy back in.
  • While this is happening, Peter has realized that the portal is not just a portal, but is also projecting negative zone energy around the entire planet. Peter taps into that energy to use it an help close the gate, but had to go through the portal it to seal it behind him.
  • The portal closes behind Peter, leaving the others stunned, but they realize that thanks to Myrmidon's modification, Peter is in the Microverse instead of the negative zone.
  • Beth immediately teleports away, to Dr. Strange. Evie calls in a favor to Aunt Sharon, the cops show up to shut down the party (specifically, Beth's Uncle James' special cop unit. Uncle James talks to Evie and asks if Beth was there).
  • It is agreed that they need to go find (and rescue) Peter in the Microverse.
  • The issue ends showing the Fixer, in prison... except he's not really in his cell, he's somehow escaped.

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